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I bought this for my mother so that she could grow her tomatoes on the patio at a convenient height. I am very pleased with this purchase. Assembly was easy but a bit time-consuming. I sealed the wood. It's now outside on her patio and looks quite handsome! The tomatoes are taking off, and I've even put in a few lettuce plants for her. Price is fair. Recommended.


This product is amazing and the service from the seller was even better. Honestly if you’re looking to get a ring light this is the one. At first the phone holder did not fit into the light and I emailed the seller and within two days a received a different phone holder that fits perfectly. The different colors and the ability to dim or increase the brights of the light is super amazing and it is super easy to use. This is the one, trust me!


This feels wonderful when I'm using it. It seems to me that it really does help smooth wrinkles and helps the circles under my eyes. I liked it so much, that I ordered one for my daughter and she, too, loves it. I just read a review that said it helped sinus headache. I think I'll try it on headache. Sounds like a good idea.


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